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Open Vehicular Epic (openV.E. or V.E.) is a vehicle emulator based around intense gameplay, programmed in an epic, unreal style, with a unique blend of strategical/experimental elements. Players can program their own vehicles/maps and submit them to the game for others to use. There's also multiplayer support, though port-forwarding or a VPN service is required.

openV.E. is programmed in pure Java(FX) and does not utilize any game engines. This has been a central ideology behind the development, with benefits including a unique experience and easy source access for anyone to fully modify the project as they wish.

Open Vehicular Epic is a non-profit, open-source Gradle project. As of this writing, you will need an IDE to run it.

Download here: https://www.indiedb.com/games/vehicular-epic/downloads/vehicular-epic

If you want to submit content to, help contribute, or otherwise follow/support the project, join the dedicated Discord server:

Developers interested can review the source at https://github.com/RyanAlbano/openVehicularEpic.

You can always contact me directly at RyanAlbano1@gmail.com

Install instructions

Please review installation instructions at IndieDB:



<- Full download (redirects to IndieDB)


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