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The Vehicular Epic (V.E.) is an open-source vehicle emulator based around intense gameplay, programmed in an epic, unreal style. Players can program their own vehicles/maps and submit them to the game for others to use. There's also multiplayer support, though port-forwarding or a VPN service is required.

For more about the game e-mail RyanAlbano1@gmail.com

If you want to submit content to, keep up with, or otherwise support the game, join my Discord server:

Install instructions

V.E. has been migrated to the OpenJavaFX SDK. If you need help running the game, view the tutorial below:

Your system should meet these requirements:

RAM: at least 4 GB

PROCESSOR: At least 2 GHz

It is recommended that the game be run with a GAMING PC, but if you don't have one, there are options within the game to improve performance.


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