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The Vehicular Epic (V.E.) is an open-source vehicle emulator based around intense gameplay, programmed in an epic, unreal style. Players can program their own vehicles/maps and submit them to the game for others to use. There's also multiplayer support, though port-forwarding or a VPN service is required.

For more about the game e-mail RyanAlbano1@gmail.com

If you want to submit content to, help contribute, or otherwise follow/support the game, join the dedicated Discord server:

Install instructions

As of this writing, the launcher is NOT working. Please use the raw download and run with an IDE for the time being.

Your system should meet these requirements:

RAM: at least 4 GB

PROCESSOR: At least 2 GHz

It is recommended that the game be run with a GAMING PC, but if you don't have one, there are options within the game to improve performance.


<- Raw download--for developers


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